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Canon Dynamic Range Myth
A well known camera sensor testing company and many bloggers/camera reviewers boast about how Nikon and Sony have better dynamic range, low light sports ability and color depth over Canon. Color depth scores for Nikon and
Sony is usually around 24+ bits where Canon is around 22 bits. Dynamic range for Nikon and Sony is around 14+ and Canon is 11 to 12. Low light and sports for Nikon and Sony is a little harder to give a specific for since the crop
sensor cameras score lower than the full cameras. From what I see is that they score Nikon and Sony at roughly 500 to 1500 higher in the *Low Light ISO score* over Canon. With these published scores, bloggers and camera
reviewers jump right on that and start bashing Canon for not keeping up with technology, but what they fail to see is that Canon is keeping up just fine and actually exceeding its competitors in many other critical areas.
Since this article is only about dynamic range, I will focus
solely on real world pictures taken with various Canon
cameras that show, they are capable of recording data and
producing images with good dynamic range as long as the
scene didn't have extreme highlights to shadows.
Canon 1Ds ISO 50 1/50 f/5.6
Canon 60D ISO 160 1/100 f/11
Canon 60D ISO 100 1/60 f/9
Canon 60D ISO 100 1/250 f/8
Canon 60D ISO 160 1/160 f/11
Canon 6D ISO 50 1/100 f/14
Canon 6D ISO 50 1/50 f/16
Canon 6D ISO 100 1/5 f/16
Canon 6D ISO 100 1/40 f/20
Crop from the picture to the left
Canon 6D ISO 50 1/100 f/14
Canon 7D ISO 160 1/125 f/10
Canon 1Ds ISO 50 5 sec f/16
Canon has excellent professional services and consumer
services. Their EOS lens mount is state of the art and is
larger than any other 35mm based camera system This
means they can offer a wider range of lenses like the
17mm tilt shift.
Crop from the picture to the left
Canon 6D ISO 100 1/80 f/11
Canon 6D ISO 100 1/80 f/11
Crop from the picture to the left
Canon 6D ISO 100 1/40 f/20
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