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Nikon 1 V1 2011 technology in use today
We all know the sayings . . . . DSLR's are dead . . . Mirrorless is the future . . . . smaller gets the job done just as good but less expensive. Some of this is
true and some is probably true and some just plain BS and marketing. Lets take a look at this old but in-use Nikon 1 V1. The performance is actually
behind some point and shoots, image quality is pretty good for a 1" sensor and 2011 technology. Maximum ISO is 3200 and the camera isn't really user
friendly if you want to control it. So why use it? Well for one, it's small and the camera you have with you is better than the camera left in the house. This
camera gets treated poorly too with it riding on a tractor, being tossed around, put on the floor of the car, handled with mud and dirt and then cleaned up.
The amazing thing about this camera with just under 7,000 pictures on it is that I just got my first duct spec on the sensor.
ISO 3200 16mm 1/160 f/7.1
ISO 720 10mm 1/60 f/6.3
ISO 2800 30mm 1/125 f/8
ISO 900 30mm 1/640 f/8
ISO 2800 20mm 1/160 f/7.1
ISO 560 30mm 1/50 f/5.6
ISO 100 10mm 1/125 f/10
ISO 200 30mm 1/125 f/10
ISO 200 10mm 1/60 f/7.1
ISO 320 30mm 1/500 f/11
ISO 450 30mm 1/500 f/11
ISO 500 26mm 1/60 f/5.3
ISO 250 30mm 1/100 f/7.1
ISO 360 17mm 1/100 f/7.1
ISO 400 18mm 1/160 f/7.1
This is a non-conventional blog spot. I'm still a believer in film, printed books and magazines. My blog is an electronic version of written content focused on a specific subject.

Cinematic and Photographic Ethics - I provide cinematic and photographic services to a variety of clients using the best equipment suited to the project at hand.

I do not engage in "setting up images"  by means of staging. There's a difference between creating an advertising campaign and actually catching life as it happens.

All digital pictures are processed like film pictures. They are captured in RAW/NEF format, then uploaded and exported in a RAW/NEF file converter like film in a developer.

I do not alter/manipulate pictures. I prefer that they look just like what I saw when I pushed the shutter button. If I alter/manipulate an image, it is clearly marked as such.