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Nikon D2Xs
The D2Xs features the same 12.4 Effective Megapixel CMOS DX Sensor with fast 4-channel output. I really enjoyed using this camera! Like I wrote in the D2X page, I
upgraded to this model which has the following new features. Sure it's still not a great High ISO camera, but I came from the days of film and don't mind using ISO's up to
a maximum of 400. The upgrades include, changes to the metering that reflect High-Speed Crop when selected, an improved EN-EL4a battery, ISO's can be selected in
1/3 stop increments, maximum continuous burst increased to a maximum of 60 frames, AF has been tweaked a bit, with new Lock-On options, the color LCD is viewable
from a larger angle than before, you can store up to three Custom curves, you can crop images in the camera, after they've been shot, a B&W picture control has been
added, camera settings can be saved to the storage card and restored, allowing swapping of settings between cameras, GPS data now appears on image playback, if
active. VR status appears, too, the D2xs supports Nikon's new Image Authentication software.