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The Nikon F5
The F5 is one of the most advanced SLR cameras available today. The remarkable auto-focus will keep up with subjects at a stunning 8 frames per second, with five highly-sensitive sensors.
The light meter, the first in-camera meter with color sensitivity, divides the frame into 1005 discrete units. It then analyzes the light and color patterns and compares them against thousands of
images that have been programmed into the camera's on board memory. Users can adjust the size of the center weighted metering area from 8mm to 20mm for more accurate small area
metering. Exposure control is controlled further via EV compensation, AF and AE lock controls, four exposure control systems, full manual control and automatic balanced fill flash that can be
set in increments. A wide array of backs, viewfinders and other accessories make this the most advanced camera in the Nikon system. Self-diagnostic double bladed shutter' 100% Viewfinder
coverage with long eye relief for glasses wearers, Focus tracking with lock on automatically activated when subject moves, Single area AF and dynamic AF selectable, Rear curtain sync built
in, Five-segment TTL Multi-sensor used for TTL auto flash control, 24 Custom Functions for creative personal control, Built-in vertical shutter button, AF Initiation can be moved to away from
the shutter button-a formidable combination with AF-S lenses.