"Beyond the hype, marketing and technical jargon is the truth within the image"
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Mark LaMonica - Photographer
We all know the saying, a picture tells a thousand words, so why not let the pictures show us the true ability of the equipment being used, hence the quote above that the truth is in the image. So just like
the proof is in the pudding, in the world of photography, the proof is in the print. My articles, gear reviews and user reports will begin with a short personal report and at least 3 images taken with the
equipment being featured. I may add extensive information and an extended version of each User Report and you will know if I did by the notice I will post here on the main Articles and Gear Reviews
page. My main goal is to let people see actual images without being drowned in a lot of text and information. The link at the end of each report will take you to the manufactures web site where you can
get all the information and specifications on that equipment. From there you will find other useful links.
Kodak E100VS film