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Autumn travel and safety
Text and Photography by Mark LaMonica
Autumn is a great time of year ! The bugs are going away :) and the countryside is filled with wonderful color. While all of
this is good news to us cold weather types, we need to be in a different mindset about how we get around and take
pictures. This is one of the biggest hunting seasons and we need to be aware of where we are. Blaze orange is the rule
for hunters, although it isn't a guarantee of safety. Getting around on rural roads with leaves can be just like driving on
snow !, so make sure you are well aware of your vehicles ability to get you in and out without any problems. Rain is a
wonderful color enhancer and with that, you must go back to the whole traction thing while driving on leaves. If you don't
have a weather resistant professional camera, you can use a large golf umbrella like this Nikon one. It not only keeps your
camera protected and easy to use, it also keeps you dry too.

This particular location is remote, so I made sure I had a full tank of gas before I got here and I frequently check cell
service to make sure if I have a problem and need to call for help, I have "way points" along the way where I checked for
service and how strong the signal strength is. Camping gear and basic medical supplies are part of my location gear too,
if I get stuck or find a place I want
When traveling in areas you are not familiar with, it's always a good idea to have maps with you and I strongly suggest not
relying on you cell phone for mapping, you would be better off with a GPS unit that has maps already downloaded into the
memory. Remember, you can't always depend on having a cell signal. Being properly prepared and having common
sense, you can enjoy your Autumn adventures.