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CF and SD cards
Digital technology has really taken the photography industry by storm. The past 10 years has seen huge jumps in
memory card speed and capacity. Older cards like this 80x are about as popular as the old Nikon D1.

Newer digital cameras require a high performance CF/SD card and one of the most talked about cards is the Lexar
professional 300x. The Lexar Professional UDMA CF card offers the ultimate performance available when used with
a UDMA-enabled device. The card delivers incredibly fast download speeds to satisfy the demand for faster transfer
rates from card to computer, drastically reducing post-production time. Available in a range of large capacities up to
16GB, these cards deliver industry—leading read/write speeds with a minimum sustained write speed capability of
a blazing 300x (45MB/sec) in all capacities.

This year SanDisk introduced the fastest CF card available for professionals as of this writing.
The SanDisk® Extreme® Pro™ CompactFlash® Card is a memory card fast enough to keep up with your advanced
DSLR: The SanDisk Extreme® Pro™ CompactFlash® card. With lightning-fast (up to 90 MB/s* read/write) speed,
you'll be able to capture more continuous burst shooting-and get the most out of your professional digital SLR
camera. And with up to 64GB of storage, you'll be ready for more RAW+JPEG and high-def video. SanDisk
engineered its Power Core™ Controller to take whatever your camera's buffer can dish out. By distributing image
data across the card more rapidly and efficiently, this card delivers professional performance.

Your CF/SD or what ever type of digital media you are using, is your modern film, so you want to have the most
reliable card money can buy.
As of September 14, 2009
World's Fastest High-Capacity Memory Card
Features SanDisk
Power Core Controller That Optimizes Card
Endurance and
Boosts Read/Write Speed to up to 90MB/s
With many professional and advanced photographers shooting pictures in extreme
weather conditions ranging from African deserts to the Arctic, the SanDisk Extreme III
cards also boast the industry’s widest guaranteed operating temperature range from
a freezing minus 13F (minus 25C) to a scorching 185F (plus 85C). The cards also
include RescuePRO ™ software that allows photographers to easily recover
accidentally deleted images, lost digital images or data.
Lexar makes an excellent line of cards
for consumers and professionals.
Just like film, it comes down to a
matter of choice and personal
The Extreme IV was
introduced on July
19, 2006.
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Cinematic and Photographic Ethics - I provide cinematic and photographic services to a variety of clients using the best equipment suited to the project at hand.

I do not engage in "setting up images"  by means of staging. There's a difference between creating an advertising campaign and actually catching life as it happens.

All digital pictures are processed like film pictures. They are captured in RAW/NEF format, then uploaded and exported in a RAW/NEF file converter like film in a developer.

I do not alter/manipulate pictures. I prefer that they look just like what I saw when I pushed the shutter button. If I alter/manipulate an image, it is clearly marked as such.