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This page is a quick way to see sample images created with popular 35mm format cameras. (Articles of other brands or labeled as taken with *(insert brand here).
Workshops and Seminars for Cinematography and Photography are not 1 brand specific, unless you actually work for, or you are sponsored by a specific camera
manufacturer.  It's no big secret that  contributed images to Nikon for years and it is my preferred brand of SLR and DSLR equipment for several reasons. Not all
Workshop attendants own Nikon cameras, so to provide extensive training to participants that own common brands like Canon, Pentax, Sony or any of the other brands, I
need to have hands on experience with many different camera systems. So when you come to one of my Workshops or Seminars, you're hearing the words of experience,
not text book jargon based on your owners manual.
Pentax DSLR's, Medium and Large Format film and
digital pages will be added when I have the extra time.