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Looking back
I hike in Rattlesnake Alley, which covers most of the trails in the tristate area of CT, MA and NY. I'm very aware of the extremely large snake populations and hike with caution. I never move too fast in case one is snoozing on the trail.
Despite hiking alone for long distances and camping, I travel well prepared for wildlife encounters and respect their home. You won't find too much information on the dangers of Rattlesnakes in that area since they are protected and
people poach them. I am pleased that MA and NY post signs now at trail heads to warn  hikers of the potential danger. Snakes don't want to bite you !, if you give them room or time to flee, they will. Don't piss them off ! Remember that
saying, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, well like I said, don't piss them off and you''l be fine.
Photographed with a Nikon F5