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No darkroom required
Those who wish to do Digital Black and White over Traditional. I happen to be one of those people and it's not because I just don't want to deal with the old way, it's because I can achieve excellent results the new way, save space,
avoid having to deal with buying chemicals and disposing them, work in the light and open up new avenues of experimentation. My darkroom today is not dark at all and a matter of fact, it has a beautiful mountain view that is
continuously changing. Thanks to the continued interest in Black and White photography, software companies have made it possible for us to create prints with just as much snap as the ones we created the old way. This doesn't
mean you should sell your darkroom equipment either, it just means that there are other ways of doing Black and White in the Digital Age. Kodak is highly dedicated to Traditional Black and White Photography and they proved that
when they introduced the new T-Max 400.