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Telephoto  lens Photography with Film
Text and Photography by Mark LaMonica
lens was a 400mm manual focus edition that I used on manual camera bodies. Since I was well experienced with the
follow focus method of photographing moving subjects and manual film advance, I didn't find manual focus was a bad
thing. I continued to stick with the all manual equipment for a few more years and used the 400mm on a daily basis.
That was my favorite lens since it was smaller than a 600mm and I could bring it with me all the time. The images were
sharp, colors were nice and it was all done with film.

That seemed like a very long time ago and a lot has changed since then. I continued to use film up to the very
beginning of the "Big" digital wave in 1999.  I continued to press on with film right up to December 2005 using it for
some children photography and then gave up totally in 2006 when nobody wanted to wait anymore for their pictures.