Original Goopy Soles
Renewed life back into my Steger Mukluks with beautiful boar hide soles
Steger Mukluks - Repair of Soles

A number of years ago I purchased  2 pr. of steger mukluks, 1pr of kodiak and 1 pr. of Quetico.  I wore them in the winter only. and never in the salt slush.  I was very careful to
keep them dry. the uppers did not show any signs of wear or abuse.  The soles were a different matter.  The soles started to melt off the mukluks so much so  that the boots were
stuck to the closet floor.  they were unwearable.  I called Steger to see if there was anything they could do for me. They informed me that there was nothing that they could do.  They
were uninterested in hearing about any sort of repair.  Needless to say, I was so disappointed.  These Mukluks are not cheap and I find it so distressing that the answer is just throw
them out and buy a new pair.   That is precisely what is wrong with our world!!!!!!!!!!!!   To make resoling my Mukluks easier, I took off the old sole by carefully using a seam ripper to
remove the thread and then cleaned up the uppers where the goopy upper sole edge meets the uppers. We did this very carefully with a wire wheel on a drill press. As you can see
in the photos the mukluks came out great.   I am so happy to have found someone that cared enough to try...... not like Steger Mukluks.

Steger Mukluks - Repair of Soles

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