Print and Post Card Prices
                                                                                                   100% Cotton Fine Art Note/Post Cards

Any of my pictures can be made into a Note or Post Card suitable for framing.

Standard Note or Post card sizes and prices vary. Contact me for specifics. Fine Art Note cards are 4 1/2" x 5 13/16" with envelopes (220 gsm) 10 cards - $60.00 or $6.00 each
I do not display every image I have in stock. Please purchase a stock CD or email with your request to see if I have a specific subject. The sizes given are the actual paper size, not the picture. There is
an additional charge for shipping and handling. Prints are shipped via UPS. For orders that require faster shipping or specialty paper, please email me with the details and I will give you a quote. After
your approval, I will invoice the order. If you have any questions please contact me. Sizes are in inches and prices are in US dollars. All prices are per print. All sizes are a 190gsm paper.

                                                                                                             100 % Cotton Fine Art Prints

Unsigned Editions                                                                                                        Signed Editions                                                                                                 Signed Murals

4 x 6 inches - $10.00                                                                                                 4 x 6 inches - $20.00                                                                                      $260.00 per square foot
5 x 7 inches -
$15.00                                                                                                 5 x 7 inches - $30.00
8.5 x 11 inches - $20.00                                                                                            8.5 x 11 inches - $40.00                                                                                        
11 x 17 inches -  
$40.00                                                                                            11 x 17 inches -  $80.00                                                                                       Single Print Editions
13 x 19 inches -  $60.00                                                                                          13 x 19 inches -  $120.00                                                                                       Contact me for pricing

Other paper sizes or texture (like canvas, luster, super-gloss) are available by special order only.           

Actual print stability will vary according to display conditions, light intensity, humidity and atmospheric conditions and therefore I can’t guarantee the longevity of prints.
For maximum print life, display all prints under glass or properly store them.

Prices and sizes are subject to change without notice.
Acid free, internally buffered and without optical brighteners. The paper I use is specifically for fine art photographic prints made on Inkjet printers using pigment-based or For
discriminating art collectors my Giclée prints and note/post cards are printed on paper manufactured to the Library of Congress's archival standards. 100 % Cotton, acid
dye-based inks. The paper offers maximum color gamut with true color fidelity and exceptional image permanence. Fine Art paper becomes an inherent part of the finished print
without overwhelming the image. For a print with distinctive textures that are pleasing to the hand yet retain aesthetic beauty, there is no other choice.

My prices reflect the average cost for a Commercial Print Lab to make an Exhibition Grade Giclée print and ship it to me. If I used one of these labs to make my prints, I would
have to charge the printing price plus a markup to cover printing, shipping and other expenses.  By making each print myself at the time of the order, I can keep the print prices
lower by only charging the average industry printing price plus shipping. Portions of this price list may be changed or removed. *Average price based on independent research.
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TO ORDER:  Please select the size you want. Email me the image number, print size and if it will be a Canvas, Fine Art, or Photo Matte. Do not email personal financial information. I will confirm your
order with a return email.

Why orders are taken this way: Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft are a growing problem with doing business over the Internet. I'm based in the United States and all orders are shipped from the
United States. Payment terms will be emailed to you or we can call you directly.
Do not be fooled by Phishing scams!  Thank you for your order.
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