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Commercial Photography

Please visit the articles page. Some articles feature images similar to these subjects.
The camera review pages are a good start.
This is not a complete list of photographic gear or supplies used or in use. It does give you an idea of just how much equipment is required to do this profession.
Agfa, Arca-Swiss, Beseler, Berlebach, B&W, Cokin, Epson, Fuji, Heliopan, Horseman, Hoya, Gepe, Gitzo, Ilford, Kirk, Kodak, Lee, Manfrotto, Moab, Museo, Nikon, Panasonic, Peak, Phase One, Porta-Trace, RRS,
Rodenstock, Schneider, Singh-Ray, Tiffen.

Cinematic and Photographic Ethics - I provide cinematic and photographic services to a variety of clients using the best equipment suited to the project at hand.

I do not engage in "setting up images"  by means of staging. There's a difference between creating an advertising campaign and actually catching life as it happens.

All digital pictures are processed like film pictures. They are captured in the cameras RAW format, then uploaded and exported in a RAW file converter like film in a developer.

I do not alter/manipulate pictures. I prefer that they look just like what I saw when I pushed the shutter button. If I alter/manipulate an image, it is clearly marked as such.