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Clients must sign a release before any pictures can be displayed in this web site.

Styling each perspective requires an additional charge. Some pictures displayed in this web site are not styled.
How much image detail do you want to see? If you need to see even the smallest details in fabrics or a label 50 feet away, then you need your project shot with medium
format. I offer Medium Format and Pro DSLR 35mm for projects.
Already have a budget for your project?  Just send it with the details, I'll look it over and we can discuss it over the phone or in person.
All Digital Motion Picture and Video services are estimated and produced the same way the Photography services are.
The 5 components of an Estimate/Contract/Invoice are, Preproduction, Photography, Processing, Licensing and Expenses.
Using digital capture still requires a careful, rigorous approach to each project. You still have the same challenges on location, but with digital you get additional technical tools built right into the camera to compliment the inner
creativity of the photographer that is so important to each project. Digital capture is not an easy fix for poor photography, it’s just an additional tool that saves time by not having to send film to a lab for processing and waiting for it to
return to do edits. With digital, the photographer is now the post-production processor and output technician, so there’s more technical knowledge required to be productive in a digital workflow and with that knowledge and proper
tools, the photographer is able to produce outstanding results for each client. Thanks to the wireless lighting that can be used with colored gels, clients who want a creative approach can have their assignment done with
standard lighting and gels with minimal setup time. Prices for digital photography are negotiable depending on your scope of work. We enjoy developing lasting relationships with clients, so please call to discuss your project

Preproduction Fee

There is no charge for the initial phone calls and the meeting to sign contracts. The preproduction fee covers client meetings, site visits, set building, obtaining props, acquiring wardrobe, etc.

Hours calculated from the time I leave my location to the time I return. Flat rate up to 8 hours per calendar day , Hourly after 8 hours,  Additional crew charged at a flat rate per calendar day.

Digital Capture Fee (Photography)

Capture Rate for small projects includes Post Capture Processing and charged at a flat rate.

Hours calculated from the time I leave my location to the time I return.

Flat rate up to 8 hours per calendar day, (
There is 1 day of Post Capture Processing for each day of Photography), Hourly after 8 hours,  Additional crew charged at a flat rate per calendar day.

Post Capture Processing

Some of the Post Capture processing is, but not limited to, downloading the memory cards to computer, backing up files, editing, renaming/numbering, entering data, batching IDF files to low resolution JPEGs for final review and
preparing master files for output. Time per file varies greatly depending on the need and this is why it's charge hourly. RGB master files have more than 16 million available colors and no limiting file characteristics. I can set the
output for each image to match the intended use. Clients have the option to use their pre-press printer to convert the RGB files to CMYK and do their own color correction and retouching for final output. I retain and own the master
files. For an additional fee proofs can be posted to a web site, FTP uploaded to your server, emailed or delivered on a CD/DVD.
Hours calculated from the time I start uploading data to the time I export the data or package the contact sheets and CD(s)/DVD(s).

Flat rate up to 8 hours per calendar day , Hourly after 8 hours,  Additional crew charged at a flat rate per calendar day.

Contact me for pricing information

Stock Image Rates

Stock image fees and other expenses are calculated on a per project basis.

Photography Workshops

Private or group plans available. Pick your area of interest ranging from basic camera use to printing. Price will be based on several variables including if the workshop is at my location or yours. Workshops are custom tailored to
each individual or group.

Service for other Photographers

Post Capture Image Processing Technician.

Other Services

Design & Graphic layouts, Web Design, Advertising & Marketing Campaigns, Brochures & Greeting Cards, Post Cards & Multimedia Posters, Wall Décor and any situation that requires sharp clean images for business or
personal use. Mark LaMonica can provide you with the best images for your image.

Cinematic and Photographic Ethics - I provide cinematic and photographic services to a variety of clients using the best equipment suited to the project at hand.

I do not engage in "setting up images"  by means of staging. There's a difference between creating an advertising campaign and actually catching life as it happens.

All digital pictures are processed like film pictures. They are captured in the cameras RAW format, then uploaded and exported in a RAW file converter like film in a developer.

I do not alter/manipulate pictures. I prefer that they look just like what I saw when I pushed the shutter button. If I alter/manipulate an image, it is clearly marked as such.