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theme this year to be photos of local people, and Mark had a great selection of the volunteers that make the ski jumps a reality.

For the Annual Report cover, we were faced with a difficult situation as to what we would put there to make it attractive and professional looking. I told Mark we wanted to do a wrap-around cover
and asked for his input. He said he could do some aerial pictures of Lakeville/Salisbury, and that it would give a fresh look and a different perspective that most people don't ordinarily see. I told
him we were getting close to the final edits and I didn't want to put any pressure on him, but if he was to do it, we would need the pictures within a week to ensure that idea would work.

The weather was favorable and Mark was able to photograph several different angles from the air within 2 days of our conversation. Thanks to his dedication to his profession, he was using a
digital camera and processed quick-proofs for us to review the same day he did the pictures. In this case, film capture would not have given us fast enough turnaround for review and production.

The quality of his aerial work was so great, that we were able to crop a section of one image for the wrap-around cover, and we used 5 smaller images on the back and one inside.

We would gladly use Mark’s services again in the future and strongly encourage everyone else to do so.


Town of Salisbury, CT
Annual Report Editor
Jim Britt