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My 3 Coolpix Cameras with my first being the 5600 back in 2005 and it still works!

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Coolpix 5600
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I'm writing to you as a mother who has been and still is concerned with preserving the pictures I've taken of my children. Myself and several other parents have relied on the dedication of Mark
LaMonica to teach us about digital cameras and saving our pictures. None of us can afford to take classes and Mark has been nice enough to give us free lessons so we can capture those special
moments and save them for our children to have just like our parents did with film.

This story starts back in 1996 when I was being home schooled. Mark elected to take part as my Photography teacher and used the curriculum supplied by the school and I was able to do hands on
Black & White photography, film processing and printing thanks to Mark. I also became a Nikon fan and lover of Fuji Velvia 50 which lead to eventually having Mark do what less than 1% of wedding
photographers do and photographed my wedding using Fujichrome Provia 400F. As I continued to take workshops and had children, Mark took pictures of my first son with slide film and digital. A
picture he took was use in the 2007 Nikon DigiGuide. He later was featured on the Premiere issue of Contemporary Family magazine which again was one of Mark's great captures of him launching a
kite with his grandmother.

I now have 3 children and also own 3 Nikon point and shoot cameras thanks to Mark. All my friends have purchased Nikon cameras that mark has recommended over the years. During the last 3
years when he told us that he was most likely taken off the list of Nikon contributors, we were sad to hear that news. What we did learn thanks to his extensive experimentation with gear from Canon,
Hasselblad, Leica, Pentax and Sony was that no matter what gear he was testing out at the time he always referred us to a specific Nikon camera that met our specific needs. When we asked during a
class why he was using so much gear from all these manufacturers he simply said to make me a better teacher and not come across as a biased Nikon only instructor. He simply pointed out that by
using the other gear under the same conditions he uses his very large collection of Nikon gear, it gave him real world pictures and results to compare. That strategy has worked very well with some of
the new mothers being Canon fans, they quickly became Nikon users after his non-biased instruction pointing out the features and results he obtained and clearly stated that the proof is in the image
before it gets any post processing fixes and there was no way anyone who was a die hard Canon user could disagree.

I myself and the other parents who are benefiting from learning the way of the future with photography are asking Nikon to please bring back Mark to the contributors list. He never told us what lead to
him being excluded although some said it was maybe that he decided to get real world results for his workshops and used gear from other companies. What ever the reason, we feel, Nikon users and
perspective Nikon users could benefit from having Mark as part of your professional contributors and would greatly benefit from seeing articles based on a non-biased Nikon user view of the key
features that make it his gear of choice.  

Thank you for your time,

Emmy Patchen and other grateful parents. (2014)