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the areas of lighting and the technical side of cameras and lens work.  I had just purchased a Nikon D90, and Mark's vast knowledge in these aforementioned areas was instrumental in my
learning to use the equipment in such a way that eventually led to my winning the Platinum Award for Best Horror Short Film in Houston's Worldfest Film Festival, 2011.

Mark taught me lighting setup, including 3-point and 5-point setup, and the benefits of each.  He trained me on the usage of strobe as well as continuous lighting, and the properties and
behavior of light, such as the importance of lighting ratios between key and fill, and the inverse-square law, when determining distance between source and subject.

Mark's knowledge and patience as a teacher are a testament to his skill level.  Some people know their stuff, but can't teach.  Some don't have Mark's depth of experience and knowledge, but
end up teaching anyway.  Mark is experienced, knowledgeable, and an excellent educator who seems born to teach.  He is kind and patient, and made this fledgeling photographer feel that,
with practice, even I could eventually master the complex depths of photography and cinematography.    

Additionally, he provided me with a look back at the benefits of using film vs. digital, which, at the time, Mark was a strong proponent for film.  I chose to continue exploring digital, and as
technology has improved, Mark has come to love and sing its praises as well.  I do know that, whether I'm seeking advice using film or digital, Mark is and always will be my primary resource
for education or equipment review and expertise.



Jeffrey A Peeples
WINNER: Silver Award for Best Narrative Short: Worldfest 2008
WINNER: Platinum Award for Best Horror Short: Worldfest 2011
WINNER: Bronze Award for Best Music Video: Worldfest 2012
WINNER: Silver Award for Best Narrative Short: Worldfest 2013