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Testimonial on Mark LaMonica

My discovery of Mark LaMonica’s photography occurred quite by accident. One day while reading various posts by a friend on Facebook, I happened to look over to the
side of the screen and saw a beautiful winter scene in Vermont. Intrigued by the serenity yet intensive realism of the photo, I wanted to explore more. I then went into the
artist’s website and there to my amazement was a treasure full of exquisite photos.  A portion of a man’s life work exposed for all to see.  As my eyes took in one scene after
another, I was aghast at the clarity and vividness of each photo.  There were photo shots of forest pathways ambling alongside a cold mountain stream. One can actually
see and yes, taste the water sprays of the white rapids jumping up off the page. Mark captures the breathtaking colors of each shot.  He exposes myriads of colors of
greens, ambers, reds, and yellows constantly reaching out to me. The various pastoral scenes of all descriptions leave no recourse but to say, “I’m there.”

His action shots are just as vividly defined with such clarity.  I was taken aback by his ability to get an action shot of a child at play. The feet and legs were in action with
obvious action blur, but the background and the face of the child was in total focus. And another breathtaking picture, was the sight of a majestic bird in soaring flight.   
His still life work is aptly captured.  His knowledge of light and shades of natural light technique is awesome. All his various assignments come to life because of the
advanced knowledge, passion and skill he possesses to bring it to life.

It is quite unusual to have the artist describe to the viewer what techniques and camera lenses and gear he employs to get such shots. Mark generously offers the dos and
don’ts of the photographer’s world.  Eager to share his passion, he escorts us through with aplomb and ease.  His knowledge and teaching skills leaves us with the feeling
that perhaps with a little bit of luck, and his guidance, we too could do the same. I’m a fan.

Lin McPhillips