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Mark has done landscape & wildlife photography on the farm in past years and it was not until recently, while I was going through a divorce, I realized his real capabilities. As a friend, I asked
if he would keep his eyes open for my wife, her vehicle, and whereabouts, since I felt she was having an affair. The welfare of my children, age's 6 months and 2 1/2 years was top priority,
since she was taking them on these daily excursions.

In a very discreet manner, Mark found out immediately, where and with whom she was having the affair. He was able to get photo's to present in court. His means of silent & hidden
surveillance, along with additional photos, taken from the air and from long distances with telephoto lenses, have proved to be very strong factors in my case. I can only say that he is an
expert in blending in with the surroundings in which he is working and operates in a covert manner, all of which proved to be a great advantage to me.

I do not know how or if I will ever be able to repay him for his dedication to helping me in this difficult time. Since we live in a small town, many people offer help, but turn the other way, since
they do not want to get involved in a court battle. This was not true with Mark. He immediately went into action within hours and had information for me by day's end.
I would highly recommend him to any agency or person that is in need of covert operations, as I did, and his relentless process and devotion gave the results I needed in a short time. If I may
be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely, Ted