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Commercial and Private Assignment Photography

Cinematic Production Services available

Don't be shy if you need services for an Event, Portrait or Wedding, You'll get the same professional quality that my commercial clients get.
Photography & Stock Images for adventure, architecture, beauty, conservation, corporate, editorial, entertainment, exploration, fashion, food, industrial, lifestyle, sports, research,
transportation, travel and many more.

I offer Photography services for Artists in need of promotional images for Brochures or Web Sites
I specialize in Assignment work covering any subject anywhere !
Back in the 80's I specialized in Outdoor Photography. I turned down any assignments that were offered outside of that specialty, since it was taught that you must "specialize" in a specific area of photography. By the late 80's I was
photographing Architectural and Models as well as my usual Outdoor assignments. I realized that my specialty was "Photography" and with my extensive knowledge of equipment, light and composition, i could photography any
subject, anywhere and produce stunning results. In those days, I used film with Nikon 35mm bodies, and still do. No LCD to check the shot on location, it was just pure knowledge of photography at work. Today I still offer my
expertise to anyone who requires high quality images with fast and friendly service, on film or digital.