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~ Please read these important terms ~
A Consulting Fee is required Upfront prior to me giving you specific information on how to produce your project, whether it's a motion picture production or photography assignment.

The Consulting Fee is deducted from your contract price when you commit to having me do the work. This reduces the number of people "pumping" me for information, legal forms,
creative ideas and then taking all of that to a lower bidder.
Private or group Workshops are available to individuals only

All Businesses, Institutions, Organizations, Schools and any commercial entity (For Profit or Not for Profit) can only get Consulting Services by the hour or day at full commercial rates.
If you want to send your own contract to me, it "must" be delivered no later than 21 days before your proposed start date.
There is no Guarantee I can accommodate your schedule if the contract arrives after that.

I require a minimum 14 day lead (Advance Notice) after a contract is signed.  

Rush Fee's Apply to any contract that is sent with a start date within 14 days.