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Designed to really teach you everything you need to know about improving your photography.
Customizable to suit your specific needs which means no boring structured teaching of useless information.
This is a 1 on 1 workshop with 1 additional person allowed to join in order to split the cost. By having a friend join you, it would make this the best deal for a 1 on 1 intensive workshop.
You will be able to make beautiful prints after the 2nd day or you can come back for free.
This 2 day intensive workshop covers camera selection and operation, learning your current camera & lenses, metering & exposure, mega-pixels & resolution, f stops & depth of field, shutter speeds, filters, flash, composition &
lighting, downloading digital files, post digital capture software, archiving, printing, and more.
Subject matter is based on your specific area of interest ranging from aerials to wildlife.
Similar workshops are available around the country at comparable prices. The Intensive workshop is designed to get you up and running with minimal amount of time spent on subjects that don't pertain to your style of photography.
$1249.00 at my location. Pricing available for other locations.
2 Day Intensive Photography Workshop
Tap into 30+ years of experience that began with Kodachrome 25 and all manual equipment.
Focused Workshops are designed to enhance your photography experience by focusing on one specific area of the art or science of photography. If you want simple instruction,
a quick overview of your equipment or specialized training in one area.
Focused Workshops are $149.00 This is usually 4 to 6 hours total time, or a maximum of 8 hours.
Kick back, have fun and enjoy the traditional or digital photography experience by taking a Photography Workshop.
Private or group plans available and can be custom tailored to each individual or group.. We'll cover everything or you can pick your area of interest ranging from basic camera use to printing. Price will be based on several variables
including if the workshop is at my location or yours. Please note that this is basic instruction only.
Prices start at $80.00 for a half day of instruction - $149.00 for a full day. This is usually 4 to 6 hours total time, or a maximum of 8 hours.
Focused Workshops
I base Workshop locations on where the participants are located to minimize their travel time. It's much easier for me to come to your
location or close to your location. Prices are per person, There is limited space at some locations.
Photography Workshops
Mark LaMonica - Photography Workshops and Seminars - Overview
Immersion Series
This is an interactive 1 hour session designed to introduce you to digital photography. Prices are $29.00 per person, There is limited space at some locations.

1) The Film Camera - Choosing/using a film camera.        2) The Digital Camera - Choosing/using a digital camera.       3) Film - Choosing/using film.      4) Digital Sensors - Digital sensors.        

5) F-Stops - F-Stops/Apertures.          6) ISO - ISO settings.       7) White Balance - White balance settings.      8) Auto and Manual Focus  - Auto and manual focus.                                                          

9) Lenses - Choosing/using various lenses.       10) RAW/JPEG/TIFF - Choosing/using various in-camera formats.      11) Post Production - Choosing/using various post production software.

12) Archiving - Choosing/using various archiving methods.      13) Printing - Choosing/using various printing methods.      14) Ink & Paper - Choosing/using various types of ink and paper for printing.

Other subjects are available, please contact me for additional information.
Classes currently being held for - Photographing Children which covers different cameras and techniques, Photographing Autumn color, Basic landscape and nature, product photography, real estate photography.
Film is Alive and well ! I teach traditional photography for those who are interested.