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I spend 90+% of my time working to help other people achieve their goals and dreams. This leaves about 10% or less of my time to focus on music or photography projects. Thank you for your patience.

Here's a basic rundown of "about" going back to the early years to give you a better understanding of where I am now. 

Growing up in the 1960's and 1970's, I was fortunate to be part of the last free range kids that had freedom. I always had an interest in music and photography and creating all kinds of interesting things. 

*Music began with a kid drum set, transitioned to a Bass in high school which was far too much shaking in the house for my dad, so I started playing guitar. During this whole time, I customized several Basses and experimented with the electronics. Music in that respect ended around 1982. It wasn't until the digital era of cameras took a foothold by 2005, that I slowly started to slip back into making basic backing tracks for digital video projects and started doing custom electronics and builds. In 2021 I took the plunge to get some tunes out, starting with 3 rally songs instead of previously written songs. I felt the Rally songs were more important to let people know where I stand in this ~ WAR ~

*Photography began when I was old enough to use a camera. I took a lot of pictures in elementary school and all the way into my late-20's. Those days were the film era and I slowed up on photography until 1999 when digital was making its way to abolish film. I stood on film ground until 2006 and I can honestly say digital was a revolving door of buy-upgrade-sell until I jumped ship in 2010 and stopped letting the client tell me what to use. I'm now free to use what I want. 

*Cars - Not everyone has a love of classics, but I do. Growing up working on those engines with Carburetors and simple engineering was so much better than some of the vehicles I've worked on that are computer controlled with a dozen plus sensors. I'm thankful I have the knowledge to do my own repairs, because the cost of having your car worked on today will cost you a weeks pay or more. 

*Houses - Here's another go broke if you can't fix it yourself area. Now in 2022, the cost of labor has tripled in many trades with some even more. Thanks to the deep state, cost of construction materials has done the same. I was lucky to have learned all aspects of construction and built several houses and restored many pre-1900 homes. 

*Computers - Yeah, I'm not a fan of electronics, but in today's world, they are the main means of creating and distributing content. I made a point to learn about how to build and maintain them. The same is true for when I made my first web site in 1999 with the first computer I got specifically for scanning slides into digital files for submitting to end users. 

*Knowledge is power - If you can live simple and have even basic knowledge of how to save money during life's many challenges, you'll find you are living in a less stressful situation. I don't know everything and I certainly don't go around pretending to either. I've learned so much in the last 50+ years and I'm still learning. It takes money to live, but I don't live for money. I saved other people and myself millions of dollars in expenses during my journey in life and because I took time to learn how to be as self sufficient as possible, I'm able to live a simple low debt lifestyle. Thank you to my parents for all the life lessons to survive.


The pictures below give you an idea of the diversity of projects I encounter to fix/repair, rebuild, fabricate, maintain, restore and be ready