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I also offer recording, production and consulting services available using the old school vibe before music became over processed. Contact me for details

Mark LaMonica Music specializes in On Location recording to make it easier for you or your band to put together soundtracks for your single or album. See my Video page for examples.

If you prefer to do your own recording, but need technical advice on how to accomplish that, I can work with you as a recording consultant.

Music is a creative processes that can be technical or artistic or a combination of both. No matter how you compose your music, it's your personal vision and nobody can take that away from you. No matter how low critics will stoop to crush your talent, it is they who are intimidated by your courage and will to show the world your vision. With that said, there is one name that comes to mind from my younger years and that name is Frank Zappa. A talented unique creative visionary who took music to a whole different level.