Music is a creative processes that can be technical or artistic or a combination of both. No matter how you compose your music, it's your personal vision and nobody can take that away from you. No matter how low critics will stoop to crush your talent, it is they who are intimidated by your courage and will to show the world your vision. With that said, there is one name that comes to mind from my younger years and that name is Frank Zappa. A talented unique creative visionary who took music to a whole different level.

The 3 songs below are "Rally Songs". They were written/recorded to be short and to the point without any extensive instrumentals or fancy vocals.

Rally Songs are currently Unplayable or Downloadable. The instrument tracks are being updated.

 A limited run of 10 discs are available to Residents of the Continental United states burned to an eFilm Archival Gold CD if you donate $100 or more.  Each Tip or donation helps cover the revenue share agreements, multiple transaction processing fees, copyright and song registration fees, web design/maintenance fees and other operating expenses. I am not on any Social Media web sites and I would appreciate it if you told your family, friends, co-workers and people in your social media circle about my web site. Due to the ongoing war on humanity and the reality checks coming this year (2023) for the enemy of the people. We could see more upheaval and hard times before we regain control of our rights and freedom.  I'm holding off on new releases of previously written and new material until later this year (2023).  Not all of my songs are like the 3 Rally songs I released in 2021 and 2022 which are short and straight up vocals with minimal instrumentation.   I'm old school, no glamour, just creating songs that feel right.  It's Game Over and You've Been Duped Official Release Date was August 12, 2022.